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Chest Diseases

Chest Diseases Possessing all opportunities and facilities offered by modern medicine, Medistate Hospital Istanbul offer therapeutic and diagnostic services by physician personnel for any and ali pulmonary diseases based on the importance attached to the protective healthcare service.

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Pulmonary Diseases Department closely monitors technological advances and effectively uses radiological imaging equipment.

Following services are offered in Pulmonary Diseases Department of Medistate Hospital IstanbuL for diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases:

Bronchoscopy Unit

In the Endoscopy Un it of Medistate Hospital Istanbul, bronchoscopy procedure (endoscopic examination of respiratory tract) is performed, which ensures early and final diagnosis of several pulmonary diseases.

Respiratory Function Test Laboratory

In Medistate HospitaL İstanbul, ali respiratory capacity values can be measured with respiratory function test device, vvhich has high diagnostic accuracy in samny pulmonary diseases including COPD (chronic bronchitis, emphysema) and in differential diagnosis.

Quit Smoking Outpatient Clinic

Damage caused by smoking on lungs is determined in Lung and Pulmonary Diseases Outpatient Clinic of Medistate Hospital İstanbul and customized programs are made ready to quit smoking.

Asthma, Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment Unit

Possessing ali skin tests required for diagnosing allergy, Medistate Hospital İstanbul keeps asthma under control via regular follow-up and therapy.

Respiratory Physiotherapy Center

Patients with pulmonary diseases, receiving inpatient treatment in Medistate Hospital İstanbul, are offered services using cutting edge methods by physicians with special expertise in pulmonary rehabilitation programs.

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    Assoc. Prof. Zehra Yaşar

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    دردش معنا
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