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Covid 19

The solution, which helps the diagnosis and patient management of Covid-19 patients with Artificial Intelligence Technology, has started to be implemented in Medistate Hospital for the first time in Turkey, together with several centers around the world.

Covid 19

In this way, in the lung tomography examination, which plays an important role in the evaluation and management of Covid-19 patients, it is aimed to better detect Covid-19 patients with the help of artificial intelligence and to make efficient management in the process from hospitalization to intensive care or discharge.

Our hospital Radiology Clinic Director, who contributed to the development of artificial intelligence software, Assoc. Dr. Kaan Meriç states that “With Lung Tomography examination, Covid-19 patients at the initial stage can detect the disease in cases where the test results cannot be obtained or even if they have false negatives.”

What is the Purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

The overall goal of the first phase was to develop algorithms that have the potential to help physicians perform patient triage (classification) with a faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Artificial intelligence software increases the accuracy of the diagnosis when evaluated together with the clinical and examination findings of the patients in the second stage.

While currently used PCR tests (cotton swabs) give a result about whether the patient is infected at the earliest 4-6 hours (in some cases, days later), the damage to the lungs due to Covid-19 can be seen immediately in the Computed Tomography examination of the patient’s lungs. The artificial intelligence program allows more accurate identification of the affected lung tissue in the CT scan and can be used to score the severity of the patient’s condition.

Benefits for hospitals, doctors, and patients:

It provides better triage (discrimination) in the severity of the infection in Computed Tomography examination.

The AI program helps busy healthcare professionals screen patients and prioritize the most likely patients.

It allows more accurate assessment of ICU beds for the most severely infected patients.

We are also working on the development of the follow-up module in order to follow up the artificial intelligence software of the first installation of the clinical application in Medistate Kavacık Hospital in Turkey, in order to follow up the patients’ lungs due to Covid-19 in the advancing processes, and if there is any.

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