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During the development phase of the person, the increase in fat cells in the body increases with the correct rate. After the completion of the development phase, while the number of developing fat cells remains constant, an increase in volume is seen, resulting in weight gain on the body index. Fat removal is the method of absorbing excess fat deposits under the skin using a vacuum or specially prepared injectors.  With this method, excess fat can be removed easily and safely. 

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Why is liposuction done?

We can say that Laser Lipolysis (SlimLipo) surgery is very effective in removing the resistant fat and cells that remain locally despite diet and exercise. The main purpose of the surgery is to remove fat cells rather than fat. This method not only eliminates the oil accumulated under the skin, but also increases the production of collagen in the skin, making the skin look more tense and younger.

Laser Lipolysis Plus (Slimlipo) is used for three main purposes.

  • In order to remove regional fat excess and shape the body
  • In order to provide tightness in loose skin
  • It can be applied under the armpit to prevent sweating.

What Is The Age Of Operation For Liposuction?

The candidate must be in good general health. It is not a method applied to weaken obese people with obesity problems. It is applied to remove fat deposits that create deposits in certain parts of the body and disrupt body lines. The aim is not to weaken the patient, but to make the body contours smoother and more proportional by removing the fat deposits that create a protruding appearance in the body lines. One of the suitable candidate criteria is the properties of the leather. The results obtained in younger people will be more efficient. In people with impaired skin elasticity, stretching surgeries that remove excess skin are often required.

What is the Anesthesia Method and Duration in Liposutcion?

Depending on the condition of the area to be operated, the operation can be performed under general anesthesia at Easter. The surgery is performed in hospital conditions under local or general anesthesia. The operation time is variable depending on the number and size of the areas to be made. In SlimLipo surgery, small incisions of 3-4 mm are made and fat is removed from the planned areas.

Recovery Process After Liposuction

A bandage is applied to the treated area after the operation. This bandage stays for about 4-5 days. The first dressing is usually done on day 3. There may be some swelling and bruising in the early period. These resolve spontaneously quickly. You can return to work after an average of 3-7 days, depending on the width and number of the areas to be made. It is necessary to wait 3 months for the result to be seen more clearly.

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