Prof. Sait Naderi - Medistate Hospital
prof. said naderi

Prof. Sait Naderi

The Department of Pediatrics strives to improve the well-being of all children.  We will be recognized by UNMC, the region, and the nation as a center of excellence and innovation in health care, scholarship, education, service, and advocacy.  Our faculty members will continuously improve their abilities through the support and opportunities provided by the Department and UNMC.

  • Faculty of Medicine: Ege University Faculty of Medicine – 1984

    Specialization: Ankara University Faculty of Medicine – Neurosurgery – 1990

    Associate Professorship: 9 Eylül University – 2000

    Professorship: 9 Eylül University – 2006

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    Quick Profile

    Name: Prof. Sait Naderi

    Address: Medistate Hospital Istanbul

    Phone: + 90 216 331 40 40


    Speciality Neurosurgery

    Degree  Professor

    Medical Interests

    دردش معنا
    أهلاً سيدي! كيف يمكن أن نساعد؟
    دردش معنا
    أهلاً سيدي! كيف يمكن أن نساعد؟