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The eyes and eyelids, which are indispensable elements of aesthetics and beauty, are also the first areas where signs of aging are observed on the face. From the early thirties, piling up and sagging in the upper eyelid and herniation of the under-eye fat tissue in the lower eyelids begin to form bagging, the length of the eyelid is extended, and wrinkles called “crow’s feet” occur on the edges of the eyes due to facial expressions. The sagging of the upper eyelids causes the problem of “not applying pencil” in women. From the mid-thirties on, collapses and bruises may develop under the eyes, a deep line separating the under-eye bags and cheek, called the “tear groove”, is formed. The accumulations in the upper eyelids can make it difficult to open the eye. People who get help from their eyebrows and constantly raise their eyebrows due to these accumulations may experience headaches and deepening of the forehead lines. All these changes increasing over the years; leads to a tired, unhealthy and aged appearance.

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What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Aesthetic surgeries for eyelids; These are surgical interventions aiming to remove piles, sagging, bagging, collapses, bruises and wrinkles called “crow’s feet” on the eyelids and thus provide a young and dynamic appearance. In eye contour aesthetics, the upper eyelid is evaluated with the eyebrows and forehead, and the lower eyelid is evaluated with the cheek. Excess skin on the upper eyelids is removed, piles and sagging are removed, and eyebrows are raised if necessary. If the eyelids are low, the eyelid lifting muscles are shortened and the lids are lifted. If there is sunken eyes, it can be filled with oil. In the lower eyelid, the relationship between the damaged eyelid and cheek is corrected. Fats bagged on the lower cover are removed and carried over the cheek. If necessary, oil injections are made to the cheek and around the eyes. All these procedures can be performed individually or as a part of facial rejuvenation surgery. Eye contour aesthetics is one of the most common facial rejuvenation operations performed in both women and men. A successful surgical intervention immediately changes the person’s appearance and provides a young, dynamic and healthy perception..

Eyelid aesthetics are usually required after 35 years of age. However, surgery can be performed at an earlier age in people whose upper eyelid is structurally too fleshy and low, or who have significant bagging in the lower eyelid. Eyelid aesthetic surgeries must be performed by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists. Otherwise:

  • Inability to Close Eyes,
  • Pulling down the lower eyelids,
  • Eye shape distortion,
  • Dry eyes occur,
  • And complications up to blindness can be seen.
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